About Garden Intelligence

For Home Gardeners

Garden Intelligence is available for the home gardener to provide a database of plants that can easily be maintained and added to.
Download full plant information from garden.org into the database, making it quick and easy to load your database with the plants you own and ones you might like to own.

Weatherproof labels in several forms may be printed to identify plants in the garden. Lillypadz can supply the labels and stakes to support them, or you may purchase them from other sources.

The mobile application, freely available, can be used to read bar codes from public gardens and nurseries and then transferred to Garden Intelligence.

For Nurseries and Public Gardens

Garden Intelligence is available with designable labels that include barcodes that may be read by the mobile version of Garden Intelligence. You can also add new attributes to the already extensive list such as Water needs, PH, Size, (about 20) as well as custom information by genus.

You can print one-off or as many labels as you need for each plant.

The mobile application can be freely downloaded by your visitors who can then use the internet to see full descriptions and pictures of the plants. Since they can also transfer the data to the home version of the software, they can easily add your plants to their wish list.